You either need scissors or a grinder to smoke, vaporize or eat marijuana. You’ll be happy to realize there are good marijuana grinders out there for you. No more sticky stinky fingers. Gummed up scissors are a thing of the past. No more wasted weed. A nice grinder saves you time, money and hassles.

Oversized marijuana grinders.

Marijuana Grinders will help you decide what weed grinder to purchase for your 420 lifestyle. A Marijuana grinder can come in many shapes and sizes. They’re made of superior metal, natural hardwood, and super hard composite materials. A marijuana grinder can be manual or electric. A good herb grinder will save you money and stretch your stash.

Marijuana Grinders Technology

Marijuana grinder technology is moving quickly. Weed grinders are changing styles, non toxic, durable and safe. Designs change just as fast as marijuana becomes legal for recreation. The most popular grinder is 4 piece construction kief catchers. Manual shredders possess slick twisting action. Automatic grinders are starting to appear in the market. Grinders are starting to become stealth with unusual makes. Models are disguising their real objective. Ever seen a wrist watch grinder? Have you come across a grinder looking like a pen? Some are just like using a cheese grater but use weed instead. Other sport grinders hold a pack of rolling papers at the same time. Our team of grinder lovers explore all social media, cannabis magazines and weed websites. We’ll bring you the newest marijuana grinders for 2017.

Most dry herb vapes need a fine mulch to perform best. Metal teeth are a premium for a fine mulch. Metal teeth designs are computerized. Computer lathes produce exacting standards. Check out the grinder teeth technology in our menu system.