Electric Marijuana Grinders

Electric Marijuana Grinders

The Electric Marijuana Grinder is the new strain of designer gadgets. Very durable, state-of-the-art designer grinders at great affordable prices.

Electric Herb GrinderThe Atmos Grinder is the first in line of pioneering products designed with usability and style in mind. Each grinder comes with a kit. When the Atmos electric marijuana grinder showed up at a local party, I have to admit I was pretty intrgued. A long time lover of marijuana grinders, I found it difficult to believe that this hefty tool with smaller blades could come close to the chopping capability of bigger grinders. The tiny blades rotate at a very high speed, crumbling your herbs into the most incredibly nice mulch. It's like an automated version of the Space Case Pollinator! The mulch can be used straight away.

Charge the Atmos Grinder at home, in your car or with a computer, very versatile options. Powered by the Atmos RxBattery, the unique blade design uses centrifugal force to help separate the lighter crystal residue from the ground herbs. As well enabling you to get more out of your herbs, the Atmos Electric Grinder Kit is modern design at its best.

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Metal Bud Grinders

Like the name implies your metal bud grinder has weed waiting for you in it's secret pocket, and you'll find stash compartments.

Classic Wood Grinders

Traditional fine wood carved marijuana grinders possess wonderful designed artwork. Raised art carving and burnt designs. Incredible to view. Party sizes available.

Acrylic Grinders

Indestructible material, 100% survival of repeated car runs over them. A must for heavy dry weed smokers. Acrylic grinder lovers always carry one.

Weed Grinders

  • Crystal Catchers

    A strong grinder used to collect the crystal THC that falls off while grinding. Makes for a super potent toke. New styles to choose from online.

  • Hash Grinders

    Aluminum and finely manufactured titanium construction do create super strong grinders. Cuts through all hash solids in seconds.

  • Electric Grinders

    Grinders for the lazy person which means most all 420 smokers. Needs batteries but does the job quite admirably. Lid catches crystals. Shock proof system.